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++  EarthKind - Roses proven to deliver outstanding landscape performance under widely varying soil conditions with minimal care.  Not minding a few leaflets dropping occasionally, almost never will any harsh pesticide be needed...{see list on Home page}

^^  ADR - In the USA, EarthKind is rapidly becoming a most coveted designation indicating high-performance, low maintenance roses.  In continental Europe, the designation "ADR" has been for several years reserved for European roses that have withstood the same rigorous testing.  Only roses that are outstandingly resistant to disease without chemical sprays can receive this prized ADR award...{see list on Home page}

**  New Rose Varieties For 2016


All 1 gallon (Nursery Trade Gallon) Rose Bushes $ 18 each

except where marked  $17 - $19 or $ 21 each.....

Packing & Handling Fee:  $ 5 per order - shipped

Minimum Shipping:  East of Mississippi River - $ 18 per order

                                   West of Mississippi River - $ 24 per order



Rose Varieties offered by Roses Unlimited



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