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Classes of Modern Roses

Large-Flowered Climbers - (LCl)  Vigorous climbing roses with prickles, arching, stiff canes and often dense, glossy green foliage. They bear often scented flowers in a variety of form, singly or in clusters of 3 - 7 or more. Some bloom in spring or early summer only, on short shoots from second-year wood; many are remontant and also flower on new wood (Zone 6 - 9)


Floribunda - (FL)  Ever blooming, free-branching shrub roses of upright or busy habit, usually with prickly stems, and glossy, green leaves. Single to fully double, sometimes scented flowers are usually in clusters of 3 - 25, and borne continuously from late spring to fall frost. Off-spring of the Polyanthas (Zone 6 - 10)


Groundcover - (Gr)  Spreading and trailing shrub roses, mostly with prickly stems, producing often glossy leaves. They bear clusters of numerous single to fully double, sometimes scented flowers. Some flower in summer only. Many bear flowers all along the stems. (Zone 5 - 10)


Hybrid Musk - (HMsk)  Vigorous, spreading shrub that bear graceful blooms, highly scented, and in great profusion all season long. (Zone 6 - 10)


Hybrid Rugosa - (HRg)  Hardy shrub roses with tough, wrinkled, usually bright green leaves. Most bear single or semi-double, scented flowers, in clusters of 3 - 11, throughout late spring, summer, and autumn. Some are often followed by large hips. (Zone 3 - 9)


Hybrid Tea & Grandiflora - (HT)  Remontant, free-branching shrub roses of upright or bushy habit, with prickly stems, and glossy or matte, mid-to dark green leaves. Large, usually double often scented flowers are solitary or borne in small clusters (3-6), from late spring till first killing frost...La France considered the first Hybrid Tea...Queen Elizabeth considered the first Grandiflora. (Zone 6 - 10)


Miniature - (Min)  Remontant shrub roses with very compact, short stems, and small leaves. Flowers borne singly or in small clusters. (Zone 5 - 10)


Polyantha - (Pol)  Repeat flowering, compact growing shrub rose with prickly stems and glossy green leaves. Sprays of small, single to double flowers are borne in flushes from late spring to fall...nineteenth century introductions. (Zone 4 - 10)


Shrubs - (S)  A very diverse group, [the catch all class - cultivars that do not belong with either the old garden roses or any of the more modern classes] usually larger than Hybrid Teas, with prickly stems and medium sized leaves. The usually scented, single to fully double flowers are borne in few to many flowered clusters, sometimes singly, from late spring to autumn. Some bloom in spring or early summer only.

    Buck Roses (Zone 4 - 10)

    English Roses (Zone 4 - 10)

    Generosa Roses

     Kordesii (Zone 3 - 9)

    Romantica Roses


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